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transmissionpylon.jpgNew York State’s electric industry may undergo a drastic transformation.  Recently, the New York State Public Service Commission (“Commission”) issued its Reforming the Energy Vision, NYS Department of Public Service Staff Report and Proposal (“Vision Proposal”) to remodel New York’s electric industry “for both regulated and non-regulated participants, with the objective of creating market based, sustainable products and services that drive an increasingly efficient, clean, reliable, and consumer-oriented industry.”  To accomplish these objectives, “utilities will actively manage and coordinate a wide range of distributed resources, and markets and tariffs will empower customers to reduce and optimize their energy usage and electric bills, and will stimulate innovation and new products that will further enhance customer opportunities.” Continue Reading Restructuring New York State’s Utilities

Recently, the House Appropriations Committee released its fiscal year 2014 Energy and Water Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations bill (“Energy Bill”). In doing so, it proposed to cut renewable energy research and development spending by approximately $911 million, which is approximately fifty percent (50%) below the fiscal year 2013 level. Additionally, the Energy Bill also reduced proposed funding for Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (“ARPA-E”) by approximately $215 million – equal to 81% of the current year’s level. In total, the Energy bill is approximately $4.1 billion less than President Barack Obama’s request. Continue Reading Proposed Energy Bill Approximately $4 Billion Less Than President’s Request