By Myriah V. Jaworski

fracking.jpgValves, pumps, connectors, and other component parts are the crucial joints in an industrial plant’s skeletal system. Without them, movement—or in the case of a refinery or chemical manufacturing facility, processing—would be impossible. And, just as with skeletal joints, without proper care and maintenance, normal wear and tear can cause component

Renewable energy is at an important crossroads for several reasons. In particular, the following concerns have been brought to the forefront: the continued availability of subsidies that can impact the economic feasibility of renewable energy projects; the potential market impact of large quantities of inexpensive Marcellus formation natural gas entering the energy marketplace; and the emerging ability to cost-effectively store large quantities of energy generated from renewable sources such as wind and solar.
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Offshore wind has the potential to play an important and unique role in the US renewable energy supply.  Whether it is off of the Atlantic, Pacific or Gulf Coasts or in the Great Lakes, a significant wind resource may, unlike many upland projects, be proximate to many significant load centers.  The May/June edition of North